Your abode – return on investment

Following the latest trends in tourism, THE WIND ROSE made sure that the future inhabitants of the village have a return on investment by renting their property, in addition to a pleasant and eventful stay. We have designed a way to return your investment and make the plan for your family’s green oasis pay off itself and even bring in extra benefits.

All that you were drawn to and that inspired you to set up a second home in the heart of nature – sounds equally tempting to others. For those who dream of a house just like yours but are not yet ready to opt for the permanent version of an abode, you can offer the ideal solution.

The village is based on the Condo Concept, which means that the owners have the ownership of the accommodation units, while the company’s management has the obligation and the right to manage the units, in accordance with the owner.

You can use your house or apartment according to your wishes and plans, and rent them out for the remaining periods through company’s professional management.

Additional facilities of the village complex provide an extra incentive for visitors because they complete the story of a perfect vacation in nature, with a fun and interesting program and all the benefits to which they are accustomed at home.

With this thoroughly thought-out concept you will see your investment return – not only through health and quality time with your family, but also through the return of the invested funds. Because this is a nature’s principle, everything lives in symbiosis and everything has a purpose.

Be a part of a good and long tradition to come.