Both near and close...

Because every inch of Fruška Gora flourishes, grows and heals, its portrayal would leave you thinking it’s miles away from the city life. Still, this natural oasis is only 60 km away from Belgrade and 25 km from Novi Sad. High quality roads lead to this location on the outskirts of Fruška Gora National Park, surrounded by orchards, pastures, vineyards, centuries-old oaks and linden woods.

THE WIND ROSE is reached via two new paved roads − the road connecting Vrdnik, Jazak, Mala Remeta and Novi Sad.

From the Fruška Gora National Park you can take the road called The Health Route for a good reason, since it passes through a fairytale orchard and vineyard landscape for 2.2 km. The road is lit by candelabras, ideal for walking during all seasons, day and night.

You will easily come to The Wind Rose, where you are welcome!